Monday's Forecast for Hareyakana-City


Hareyakana-shi (Radiant City) lies on the coast of Japan's mainland and is well known, especially to its detriment by the government, as the most Westernized city in all of Japan. The ironically named city however is known for the periodic occurrence of bizarre or chaotic phenomena on its inhabitants. But despite the city's well known curse, Hareyakana does somehow live up to its name for being the place of absolution and revelation. Enter the lives of two struggling natives, an illegal Chinese immigrant, and Earth's mightiest fan from beyond the stars, as they each settle their own various personal disputes and overcome incredible odds (though not without a few laughs).

(Inept parents beware, will include crude, sexual humor and graphic violence)


Mitsuru Hara

Junichi Hara

Ellie Ann
Masako Maeda

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