Creating Another Facebook Page, My Goals Torward Comic's Platform, Distribution, and Pricing


My previous Facebook page a while back was put in limbo following the deletion of my alternate Facebook account by their No-Fun police. Facebook is still thriving and I enjoy the multitude of shitposts, memes, and degenerate communities on the platform. In order to expand my comic's notoriety I will be once again, upholding another art page for the Chopsuey brand. It will be like a fresh start, a clean slate to a new beginning. Of course, with more concentrated degeneracy than before.

Next, I don't remember if I have ever discussed the distributive plans of my comic once chapter 1 is complete. The current goal is to be indie and digital first and foremost. I will try to submit chapter 1 onto multiple popular online reading platforms such as Amazon, Kobo, Google, iTunes, etc. and even abroad on Manga Reborn in order to make it as available as possible. Will print be considered? Probably not on a chapter-by-chapter basis, but when I start having volumes, then definitely, but that is a subject to be discussed much later in the future.

Platform, Distribution, and Pricing

Price wise I'm not all that interested in revenue given the niche-ness of indie manga, so I want to keep my expectations grounded by having it be financially friendly. Right now, a digital tankoubon (or manga volume) published by Shounen Jump retails at about $4-5 on Amazon Kindle. Each volume averages about 5-7 chapters in length, so that could range from anywhere between $0.50-75 per chapter. For my comic I will have it priced at $0.75 a chapter on all platforms. It's pocket change and seems reasonable whereas going beyond would be pushing it from my perspective.

In regards to marketing, I know a lot of communities on social media willing to support fellow artists and I myself have had a small following. However, I know how stubborn and "poor" (e.g. will not pay for +$1 art commissions, will read pirated manga, but will somehow afford a $150 statue) the majority of manga fans are (don't worry Jupp, you're not one of them because I know you make billions in coke money). Money isn't too important for me since I plan on working full-time as a registered nurse in real life with comic-making being a passionate side project. I'll probably just use the revenue to fund my caffeine addiction or put it towards charity and maybe vidya. So far, this is my plan, nothing is set in stone since I haven't finished the first step yet, but feel free to give some criticism towards a better strategy. I'm all ears at the mo'.


I have no ideas why I am drawing more nudes and pin-ups lately. Has college finally broken me down? Will I have to draw lewds and do hentai down the line?

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