Strain of College on Progress, Thoughts About Junichi

Greetings my fellow degenerates! I just want to fill people in on how things are going, given the lack of progress updates and the shamefully slow speed I have been moving at. As only a close internet buddy knows, I am a fulltime college student majoring in nursing. Much of my time is allocated to my studies given that this is my last and most tumultuous year. As much as I would like to dedicate more time to making the comic, there are currently other priorities I have to handle first until I graduate and find a job. I know there is no hype and I accept that as my own failure, but know that I have not given up and at least aim to finish this damn first chapter by early summer.

Next on the list, the topic of the character Junichi has been one of personal conflict for a very long time. Admittedly, I had no concrete idea on his design, story, and even at one point, almost decided to omit him entirely from the story because of how shoehorned he felt. However, I think I may have finally come to terms with a concrete design that I have sketched and posted online earlier.


It is nothing fancy, but something that I myself can imagine being a bit more memorable than a baby-faced Spike Spiegel knockoff or an ugly thug. Nothing is finalized and I will continue to articulate his design further on. In regards of his story, it is still being fleshed out, but I do have a solid foundation on his backstory due to it being interconnected with Mitsuru's. It is what he does presently in the story that is difficult for me to make both interesting and convincing (regardless of an alien girl protagonist and an underground fashion model fighting ring). What I have in mind in contrast to the other three is a character who is more grounded and relatable to everyday life. While not a stoic protagonist like common shonen heroes, he is a character that realistically struggles and endures guilt both mentally and physically. However, I would be willing to take more ideas for the character and discuss it below in the comments.

Tell me, what kind of protagonist should Junichi be like? I could spoil details on request since it is all only on paper (metaphorically speaking).

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