Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Loose schedule for art stream.

To those who aren't kept up to date, I have graduated college and the official commencement will be next Monday, the 22nd. While I'm taking my board exam and sending job applications, I can now commit to a real art stream schedule until I can find work.

I will be streaming on Beam.pro since I like the service.

Thursdays: @8PM - 12AM+
Fridays: @8PM -  12AM+
Saturdays: @8PM - 12AM+
Sundays (Maybe): 9PM - 12AM

It's a loose schedule, so nothing is set in stone, but I plan to stream between those time frames and adjust accordingly with notification ahead of time. Of course, Jupp, I will stream whenever you say so on your off days.

I'll try to up my stream game by having necessary equipment (mic, webcam, etc.) and my own shitty interface. I got things laying around my house since my brother does gaming vids so I can just borrow stuff from him.

My streams will feature comic work, illustrations, viewer requests, and if things start to lose steam I'll pop in a vidya or something since that's standard stuff these days. No? Then I guess I'll just show my dog on the stream. Comments, questions, concerns,............ memes? Leave it all below!